Biofluids Shared Resource - BSR (Previously called DNA Bank)



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Core Director: Michael Hauser, PhD
BSR Manager: David Layfield

The Biofluids Shared Resource (BSR) has provided state-of-the-art biobank services to the Duke academic community for more than 20 years. The BSR is open to all Duke researchers and is an approved School of Medicine Shared Resource. We are committed to providing rapid, low cost, high quality DNA and RNA extraction and associated biological liquid handling services to Duke Researchers.

BSR at a Glance

  • Offers wide array of biobanking services to meet researchers' needs, including blood fractionation, DNA and RNA extraction, storage and tracking
  • Maintains an inventory of approximately 500,000 human biological samples
  • Occupies over 2500 square feet of lab space



The BSR uses state-of-the-art automation and robotics for the extraction and allocation of DNA from blood and saliva. The BSR also offers automated extraction of RNA from PAXGene blood tubes. Sample management includes storage and retrieval in our badge-accessed freezer room housing our triple-alarmed freezer. Extensive quality-control ensures maximum investigator confidence in sample processing and storage.


Rigorous security measures are in place to ensure sample security and data confidentiality within the BSR.

The Nautilus™ (ThermoLabSystems) Laboratory Information Management System is used to track samples through the collection, moving, storage, and allocation. It tracks important sample information including sample type and amount, quality metrics related to sample downstream performance and key pre-analytical variables such as time of collection, processing time, temperature and protocol deviation.

PEDIGENE® tracks corresponding study, clinical, and auxiliary information, which can only be accessed by authorized study personnel.

BSR Care Begins Before a Project Begins

The highly-experienced BSR staff are committed to providing optimal service. Our established methodologies can easily handle large numbers of samples from around the world. The BSR will work with you to plan and budget an appropriate biospecimen collection plan that adheres to biobanking best practices and ensures sample quality and integrity.

Member of the Duke Biobank

The BSR is part of the Duke Biobank and a campus-wide effort to improve and strengthen Duke’s biobanking activities. As part of this effort, the BSR will be migrating their biospecimen inventory from Nautilus to LabVantageTM in the near future.